Air ducts are an important component of a properly functioning HVAC system. A problem with these ducts will likely affect the lives of everyone in your home. Age and other factors can be responsible for ducts becoming loose or separated altogether. Several possible consequences await homeowners whose air ducts are not properly attached.

1. Discomfort

Loose air ducts can cause a heating or air system that’s otherwise running at full blast to feel as if it’s barely working. Air ducts that aren’t tightly attached may explain the problem. Place your hand next to one or more vents in your home to check if you feel a faint breeze.

Common areas in your house can quickly become uncomfortable when conditioned air escapes the HVAC system through loose ducts. Poor airflow in and out of your unit will cause uneven heating or cooling within your residence. It’s much more difficult for your family members to stay comfortable when they have to contend with hot and cold spots throughout the house.

2. More Noise

You’re more likely to hear the presence of loose ductwork in your HVAC system than you are to see evidence of the problem. The strange noises that can come from your HVAC system when the ductwork isn’t properly attached include:

  • Rattling – Metal ducts can knock against each other when they are loose.
  • Wheezing – Low-pitched wheezing sounds can be evidence of air rushing through gaps in your air ducts. These sounds may remind you of the “wheezing” that sometimes comes from people who suffer from breathing problems.
  • Vibrations – The sound of vibrations often occurs when the metal within an HVAC system expands and contracts. But, the sound of vibrations can also be a sign that air ducts aren’t tightly attached.

3. Diminished Air Quality

The air inside of your home will often feel stuffy and uncomfortable when the air ducts aren’t properly attached. However, these aren’t the only issues that can happen with the air in your house.

A properly working HVAC system keeps dust particles and other debris from becoming part of the air in your residence. This protection from your HVAC system will suffer when the ducts aren’t properly attached. Dust that’s present in the attic, inner walls, and crawl spaces of your property can be drawn into the system and circulate through the air you and your family breathe. This situation presents a significant health risk for your family, especially members who suffer from asthma and allergies.

4. Increased Cost of Energy

When air ducts become loosened, you can also expect to pay more each month to heat or cool your house. This cost increase happens because loose air ducts increase the work capacity demanded of your HVAC system to maintain the temperature within your home. Estimates state that as much as a 30% loss of the air an HVAC system conditioned for circulation in your residence becomes possible when air ducts aren’t properly attached.

5. Increased Cost of Repairs

Inevitably, an HVAC system forced to endure increased workloads for extended periods of time will begin to show signs of wear and tear. This condition can cause multiple components of your equipment to suffer breakdowns.

Frequent HVAC system breakdowns can cause the maintenance and repair costs associated with your unit to rise sharply. The dust and debris that will accumulate in HVAC systems that do not have properly attached ductwork can also become the cause of frequent breakdowns. The cost to make sure your air ducts are properly attached within your system will pale in comparison to the cost of constantly preparing or having to replace your HVAC system.

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