An air conditioning system is the most effective way of cooling your home as the summer season sets in. However, there are other ways of cooling your house during the summer season for a comfortable homestay. The following are some tips to help you cool your interior space.

Using Dark Curtains and Closing Them During the Day

Room darkenening curtains are a simple and cost-effective way of cooling your home without air conditioning. The sun’s rays can be scorching during the summer season, and having your curtains open in the day will allow heat to enter your house. Closing the curtains will help you block the rays that will help to reduce the amount of heat inside your home.

Additionally, if your current window curtains easily catch the direct sunlight, be sure to replace them with dark ones. Black curtains usually prevent most of the sun’s rays from increasing your home’s temperature during summer.

Opening Interior Doors and Windows at Night

Another way of cooling your house during the summer is by ensuring that your interior doors and windows are open at night. There are no sun rays beating down on your house at night. Therefore, the cool night air can help you cool your home.

It is advisable to make sure that your interior doors and windows are open at night. Generally, the cool air enters your house through the windows. Once it enters the house, it will create a cool breeze throughout your home via the opened interior doors.

However, it is recommended to close the doors linking your living room and the kitchen as you prepare the meals. This is because the hot air from your kitchen will move into the rest of the rooms, increasing the temperatures.

Be sure to open the windows connecting your kitchen to the exterior part of your house. That way, you will be able to allow the heat to disperse to the outside. Once you have finished cooking, you might consider opening the window to allow cool air back inside the room.

Place Some Cool Water or Ice Near a Fan

Are you looking for an easy way of cooling your house without air conditioning? If so, this might be your best option. Try placing some ice or cool water near a fan while it is running.

This will help you distribute the cool air being blown through the entire house. For best results, be sure to close all your exterior doors and windows to confine the cool air inside.

The main aim of this method is to create some cold air by using the fan to circulate the cool air. While using this method, you should sit at a distance from the fan to avoid any eye irritation.

Minimize Stove and Oven Use

Typically, the summer season comes with increased temperatures. Not to mention, the additional heat a stove produces while cooking will make your home stay even more uncomfortable.

Instead, you may find other cooking alternatives that generate less heat. For example, a microwave produces a lot less heat. Additionally, you can opt for outdoor cooking, including a solar oven, which is an effective way of utilizing the sunlight.

Updating Your Lights

Many electronic gadgets generate some heat. These gadgets include fluorescent, incandescent lights, and other lights.
However, with the right lighting system, you will reduce the amount of heat in your house. LED lights are the most recommended as they generate no heat, so your home will remain cooler during the day. In addition, LED lights usually consume less energy, saving you money on energy bills. However, if you are not able to change the lights right away, you should consider switching them off during the day. This will help you keep your home cool by reducing the heat generated by the lights.

Adjusting the Ceiling Fan

Generally, warm air usually travels upwards in a room. Depending on the season, you can adjust your ceiling fan settings. Ceiling fans typically operate on two modes: clockwise and counter-clockwise.

With the proper adjustments, you can easily create a cool, relaxed atmosphere in your house. Additionally, you may install an exhaust fan for your kitchen or bathroom to help you pull out the warm air.

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