July 10, 2019

Top 5 Reasons Behind AC Airflow Problems

Air conditioning airflow issues are easy to spot when you pay attention to hot or cold spots throughout your home. In addition, you might notice changes in air pressure throughout your rooms or issues with your home not getting cool enough in the summer. Fixing airflow issues with your AC unit can prevent your air compressor from being permanently damaged. 1. Blocked Condenser Unit The AC condenser can be exposed to the harsh outdoors. Be sure that all of the dirt and yard debris is removed from the condenser. This will help ensure better airflow. 2. Slow Blower Fans The blower fans in your AC unit must maintain a constant speed in order for the air to be sufficiently cooled. They can get clogged with dirt and dust and end up working much slower over time. 3. Old Air Filters Dusty air filters are one of the easiest ways for your airflow to get blocked. They must be changed as frequently as the manufacturer of your AC unit recommends. This task can be easy to forget. 4. Leaked Refrigerant Liquid Refrigerant liquid is important to keep your system working properly and the air cool in your home. If your AC...

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