November 22, 2019

Can Colder Weather Negatively Affect My Solar Panels?

Solar panels serve a vital purpose. They capture sunlight and convert its rays into electricity. This converted electricity can be stored in batteries to provide power when the sun goes down. The conversion process should work well, but concerns arise about weather changes and their effect on solar equipment. Do the dark days of winter have a damaging impact on solar panels? Some Sunlight Loss The sun can shine brightly even on the coldest winter day. So, in this respect, the change of the seasons makes no difference to solar panels. When wintertime clouds roll in, however, there can be less sunlight available overall. The panels will still produce electricity but not at the same volume. Sunlight and Panel Positioning Altering the solar panels’ angle might be necessary to capture the maximum amount of sunlight. During the winter, the sun’s apparent position in the sky differs from what we experience in the summer. Adjusting the angle at which a solar panel sits can put it more directly into the path of the sunlight. The system should then operate at peak efficiency. If you require assistance with this or any other task related to your solar power system, rely on for...

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