If you’ve noticed that your current HVAC system just isn’t performing like it used to, it may be time to have it replaced by the heating and cooling professionals at Honey's Air & Solar. The big question when it comes to HVAC replacement is what time of year in Modesto, CA, is best to have it done.

Of course, if your HVAC system is totally dead, then the answer is “right now.” However, if you’re acting preemptively by replacing your HVAC system, then you can be a bit more choosy about when to have it replaced. Fortunately, the fall makes an ideal time to have your HVAC system replaced for multiple reasons.

Less Need for System Operation

Fall, more than any other season, tends to provide reliably beautiful weather that you can enjoy with open windows. This temperate weather means that you won’t be running your HVAC system as often, meaning there’s less chance that your system will die completely. This creates less urgency when it comes to your HVAC system replacement, meaning that you can plan your work schedule in advance so that you don’t have to miss work to have your system replaced.

In addition, temperate weather means that your home is less likely to be uncomfortable during the replacement process. Although the professionals at Honey's Air & Solar can typically replace an entire system in only a day or two, it’s nice if you can stay comfortable in your home during that time. While spring also tends to have nice weather, fall provides the best chance of having multiple days with consistently good weather for you to take advantage of.

Less Busy Technicians

Another great reason to have your HVAC system replaced in the fall is that HVAC technicians tend to be less busy. While summer and winter see technicians making urgent calls to homes where the HVAC systems are malfunctioning, most of what is done in the fall is seasonal maintenance to prepare furnaces for the upcoming winter.

This means that you’re likely to have more flexibility in scheduling from Honey's Air & Solar when it comes time to schedule your replacement. Plus, if you do have an urgent need for replacement, you’re more likely to get faster service if that urgent need pops up in the fall.

Another great thing about the slow fall season is that the necessary parts are more likely to be available. Sometimes, especially during the summer months, manufacturers can’t keep up with demand, causing a backlog in orders. This means that your installation may be delayed due to a lack of system parts availability. However, if you opt to replace your system in the fall, it’s likely that any system or system part you need will be readily available.

Slow Ramp-Up

When you have a new HVAC system installed by Honey's Air & Solar, there is often a bit of a learning curve when it comes to figuring out where you need to set your thermostat to provide optimal comfort. Thanks to the comfortable fall temperatures, you can ease into this learning curve so you don’t have to figure out how to operate your system efficiently in the midst of extreme temperatures.

In addition, this slow ramp-up period provides a great period for breaking-in your new equipment. While you’ll likely need to use both your air conditioner and your furnace at various points in the fall, you won’t need to use them nearly as much as you would during extreme seasons, meaning that you’ll be able to easily spot any manufacturer’s defects without putting the comfort of your home in jeopardy.

We Stand Ready to Help

Whether you need us in the fall, winter, spring, or summer, we at Honey's Air & Solar stand ready to help you with your home heating and cooling needs. Beyond maintaining, repairing, and installing furnaces and air conditioners, we work hard to keep your home comfortable in a variety of other ways.

For example, we offer whole-house fans to help keep your home cool without putting as much strain on your air conditioner. We also offer generator services so you can maintain a sense of normalcy when your home loses power. Water heater services, as well as window and solar array installation, are some of the other home-comfort services that we offer.

With over 30 years of experience in the HVAC industry, you can be sure that we at Honey's Air & Solar have what it takes to keep your home comfortable. We stand behind our work with a 100% satisfaction guarantee, as well as the assurance that comes from winning a Best of 2019 award. In addition, we feature our customer reviews right on our website so you can look over them whenever you’d like. For quality HVAC replacement services, give us a call at Honey's Air & Solar today.

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