Have you ever wondered if you’d save energy by switching off your AC at strategic times of the day? Perhaps the rising cost of energy has filtered down to your monthly bills, and you’re already beginning to feel the pinch. With the AC consuming almost 50% of the energy needed in your home, cutting back seems to make sense.

Since there’s an endless debate on whether or not to switch off the air conditioner at particular times, we wanted to set the record straight. Read on to find out when you can turn off your AC to save money.

When Should I Turn my AC on in Order to Save Money?

Indoors for a Long Time

If you spend a lot of time indoors in Modesto, CA, it makes perfect sense to turn on your AC. Saving money may be a priority, but it should not compromise your comfort. Switching the AC off while indoors would create an uncomfortable environment. Furthermore, stopping airflow through the HVAC system’s filter may lead to worse air quality.

For this reason, switching the AC on while indoors can actually save money. This is especially true if some members of your family often suffer heat rashes or allergic reactions when exposed to a hot humid environment. Though the energy bill may increase, you won’t have to worry about healthcare expenses.

It doesn’t make any sense not to turn on your AC in the evening when everybody is home from work or school. You need a cool environment for the evening. However, you could consider purchasing a smart thermostat. These devices can be programmed to turn the system down or off when no one is home.

No Other Means to Cool Your Spaces

You should turn your AC on if you have no other means to cool your space. Of course, air conditioning is the main option for most homes during the summer. Few can withstand the hot and humid air, which may become stuffy in a poorly ventilated room.

However, you may want to invest in alternative cooling options. Just be sure that they don’t consume more energy than your air conditioner. A good example is the ceiling fan. Your fan will improve airflow and give the feeling of a cooler temperature by creating a breeze. But if you have to keep it running the whole day and night, you may end up footing a larger energy bill at the end of the month.

Whether you rely solely on your AC or have other options for cooling your home in the summer, it is important to consider their ability to save energy. After all, you may just realize that your AC is the cheapest alternative.

Need to Boost the Efficiency of Your AC?

If you need to keep your AC operating at maximum efficiency, it does not make financial sense to turn it off. Switching your AC on and off may consume more energy than if you left it running. The power needed to crank the system up to its optimal working level could be substantial during summer.

A better alternative is to just program a higher temperature for when you’re not home. For every raised degree, your AC unit decreases its energy consumption by up to 5%. Experts often suggest 78°F as a good away-from-home temperature. Since this is not too far off from the optimal temperature for comfort, you won’t have to crank the AC up once you get home.

Your AC also works better when put to maximum settings. The system will actually use less energy. Set your thermostat to maximum temperature, and let the AC work efficiently to cool your spaces.

Too Much Humidity in the Air

Too much humidity in the air may call for a separate gadget for dealing with the resultant moisture. You would need to purchase a dehumidifier. This is an investment — you’ll have to pay for the dehumidifier as well as the extra energy to run it.

To keep the costs down, just switch on your AC and set it to maximum. An AC operating at its optimal settings can kill two birds with a single stone: cool your home and dehumidify your indoor air, making it safe for breathing.

Professional AC Maintenance

Truth be told, the only time you should turn your AC off to save money is when the temperatures drop. Of course, lowering your energy bills should be a priority as summer approaches. Unfortunately, constantly turning your cooling system off won’t do you much good.

Instead, consider getting annual AC tune-ups to keep your system efficient. You can trust us at Honey's Air & Solar for helpful advice and air conditioning services that can save you money in the summer. We also provide heating services and indoor air quality solutions. If you need any more information or want to place an order in Modesto, CA, call us today.

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