What to expect on your maintenance visits:

19-point Inspection A/C
  • Check all electrical in unit
  • Test output of capacitors
  • Inspect contact points
  • Monitor refrigerant levels
  • Check amp draw on all motors
  • Inspect disconnect box and fuses
  • Wash condenser coil
  • Remove debris from base of unit
  • Inspect attic insulation and duct work
  • Clean evaporative coil drain line
  • Furnace heat exchanger safety inspection
  • Clean or replace standard filter*
  • Monitor inrush amp draw
  • Add condensate pan treatment tablets
  • Check static pressure
  • Check fan blades for proper balance
  • Clean return air grille
  • Wax and polish outdoorunit
  • Exclusive memberonly specials

*Additional charges will apply for any filter other than 1” disposable

Honey’s Preferred Service

Thank you for becoming part of our Honey’s Preferred Service family. Preventative maintenance performed by our trained and specialized technicians will improve the performance of your system, extend its life, lower your utility bills, and maintain your manufacturer’s warranty. In addition to regular maintenance, our Honey’s Preferred clients also enjoy the benefits listed below.

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Priority Service: You will always receive “front of the line” service over non-preferred service members in your time of need.

Exclusive Promise: We will not get started on your job or repair and then come back to you with a “change order”. The price you agree on is the price you pay. If you are not happy, we will refund 100% of your investment back to you anytime within 2 years!

Reduced Diagnostic Fees: Our Honey’s Preferred family enjoy reduced cost on diagnostic fees. Only $49 (up to $100 savings). No Additional charge for weekends or holidays!

Exclusive Member Only Specials: You will have the opportunity to take advantage of drastic member-only savings.

20% Discount On Any Repair Service:You will always receive a 20% discount off any repair we perform in your home.

5% Discount On Any Equipment (Heating, Air Conditioning, Water Heater, Solar, Windows and Generators): When it is time to replace your old, inefficient heating and cooling system, ductwork, water heater, windows, generator, or add insulation or solar, Honey’s Preferred clients always get the lowest price and best value possible.

Benefits Of Maintenance With Honeys:

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Affordability: Several costly mechanical failures can arise from the smallest of issues. For a fraction of the cost of a major repair, preventative maintenance can keep the small parts moving and help prevent big, expensive problems.

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Comfort: If you’ve ever experienced a heating or cooling system failure,you know how uncomfortable the feeling is. Having your systems routinely checked can ward off any potential problems, ensuring your family’s comfort.

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Peace Of Mind: You can trust that the system you rely on has been checked by a professional. We will send an experienced teammember to inspect your system in an effort to maximize its lifespan and reduce or eliminate future repair issues.

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Convenience… On Your Time!: One of the strongest benefits of our Preferred Service is that our service calls will fit into your schedule.

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Energy Savings: Save energy by optimizing the efficiency of your heating and cooling systems. We will make sure your systems are running at a peak operation.

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