Whole-House Fans for Modesto and the Surrounding Areas

Fresh Air and Total Indoor Comfort

When it comes to complete indoor comfort, Honey's Air & Solar is always looking for ways to help you raise the quality of life in your home. A whole-house fan can be a great investment for your improved comfort, and provides a wide range of benefits that we know you’ll love!

By installing a QuietCool system in your home, you can enjoy increased ventilation with fresh air in minutes as well as instantly feel 5 degrees cooler as soon as you turn your system on. Plus, you’ll enjoy huge savings when compared to cooling with a traditional AC system; up to 50% on AC run time!

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The benefits of QuietCool whole-house fans
  • Instant cooled comfort
  • Improved ventilation
  • 15-year motor warranty
  • Energy savings
  • Quiet operation
  • Removes unwanted odors

As an authorized dealer, you can count on us to provide the best system for your home and family’s needs.

How QuietCool Systems Work

QuietCool System Installations in Modesto, CASo, how does a whole-house fan work? Instead of immediately reaching for the thermostat and running your air conditioner (often a costly expense during the cooling season), with a QuietCool system you can simply open a few windows when the outside air is cool and turn on your QuietCool fan. The fan will pull the outside air through your open windows, and use that air to cool and ventilate your attic and the entire home. This requires very little energy when compared to a traditional air conditioner, and provides fast, effective cooling for your whole household. Our team can help you determine if a QuietCool system is right for your home, and install it to factory guidelines to ensure you have a fully-functioning, reliable source of low-energy, quiet, and highly effective cooling for the years to come.

High Quality Offerings

With a variety of models to choose from, there’s a QuietCool system for every home. From the diverse selection of Trident Pro and Stealth Pro products, our team can provide you with information about the functions and features of each QuietCool system to find the perfect choice to install in your home. We can also discuss your system and upgrade options including attic fans and RF wireless controller’s to maximize your indoor comfort.

F Wireless Remote Controllers

RF Wireless Remote Controllers

Upgrading your whole-house fan with a QuietCool RF Wireless Remote allows you to adjust the timer and speed of your fan easily from anywhere inside your home. These can be connected to all QuietCool whole-house fans with the ability to pair up to 20 remotes to just one fan.

Solar Attic Fan Solutions

Solar Attic Fan Solutions

With a QuietCool Solar Attic fan, you’ll enjoy the benefit of cooling your attic whether the sun is shining or not! If your attic is hot, the fan will cool and ventilate to save you money and reduce attic heat transfer into your living space. When the sun is shining, the fan works on solar power. When your attic is still hot at night or on a cloudy day, the fan will switch to electrical power! Attic fans not only prolong the life of your air conditioning system and roof but also provide energy-saving advantages by cooling your attic during the hottest part of the day

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Your Total Home Comfort Specialists

With an entire team of comfort specialists ready to serve you, Honey's Air & Solar is the name to trust if you’re interested in having a QuietCool system installed in your home. We care about the comfort level in your Central Valley home and can provide recommendations on the best product to meet your needs. Plus, we’ll manage all of your paperwork, leave your home as clean as when we arrived, and we always provide a 100% satisfaction guarantee for our service. To learn more about our whole-house fan options, please call us today!

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