Living in the southern part of California, maybe you have thought about solar power, or know of someone that’s talked about getting solar panels installed. Solar power has many benefits and advantages ranging from environmental to economical. Not to mention, California offers Solar Power Tax Credits, so why haven’t you gone solar yet?

To begin, solar power is readily available because it uses the sun which is free, and for the most part, limitless. By installing a solar home energy system, homeowners will experience significant savings on energy.

Federal Tax Credits

The federal tax credit for 2022 covers 26% of the cost of the solar modules, including installation. The ITC reduces to 22% for systems in 2023 and will end in 2024 unless the Federal Government extends the program.

Here is an update for California Solar Tax Credits from Marketwatch.

Utility Net Metering

If your utility company offers net-metering agreements, you may be able to receive a credit for any surplus power generated that’s not used in your home and is fed back to your utility company. To find out if you can get rebates and credits for your excess power generation, check with your local utility company or visit:

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