Honey's Air & Solar – How We Got Here

The year was 1950, on the heels of the second world war Jack Lavine, a young entrepreneur and heating and air conditioning craftsman opened Lavine & Co., a heating company in Oakland California with a dream and a passion for serving his community.

Just a few years later, halfway across the country in the small town of Bessemer, Bob Broman opened Blue Flame Heating with the same dream, drive and passion to help his community thrive in the bitter cold of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula.

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While Bob continued as the owner/operator of Blue Flame Heating until his retirement in 2005, Jack partnered with Norm Kay to help grow his business. Lavine & Co. grew, but slower than they wanted, so they brought in some “fresh blood”, Norm’s son Dale to accelerate growth.

With Lavine & Co. growing into a leader in the Oakland heating market, Dale quickly realized he needed more help. In 1998 he brought on his niece Jacque Santos. Jacque and Dale led Lavine’s to over a decade of prosperity, until 2009 when they opted for a better lifestyle in the Central Valley.

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In 2009 Honey's Air & Solar was born. Jacque and Dale opened Honey's Air & Solar with the same goals Bob Broman and Jack Lavine had – to serve their community and neighbors. Armed with their desire to serve, and the best co-workers in the Central Valley, Honey's Air & Solar quickly grew into a market leader.

In 2014 Dale was ready to focus on his family, so he wanted to hire a General Manager. Ray Broman (Bob Broman’s Grandson) was a Territory Manager for Lennox serving Honey's Air & Solar. Being a Territory Manager is a great job, and Ray wasn’t looking for another job, so Dale asked “why don’t you just buy me out then?”

In 2014 Ray Broman bought Dale’s portion of Honey's Air & Solar, and took on the role of General Manager. Because our clients were clamoring for a local reliable solar company, one of Ray’s first actions was to change the company’s name to Honey's Air & Solar. Using the training and tools Ray had acquired in his 15 years in the HVAC industry, and the absolute best co-workers, Ray and Jacque grew Honey's Air & Solar into the premier home services provider in the Central Valley.

Today Honey's Air & Solar boasts a large team of many employees, including Ray’s wife, son and daughter, along with Jacque’s father, uncle and son. We have adopted and embraced the “No Stinger Promise”, our unique offer in the market.

We continue to execute on our mission – To provide an unparalleled client experience while speaking about, selling, servicing, or installing the highest quality products our industries have to offer so that: TEAMMATES are proud, CLIENTS recommend us to family and friends, and VENDORS aggressively pursue our business, while producing long-term prosperity and sustainability.
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