Wet weather and plunging temperatures usually characterize the winter season, meaning you’ll need to use your heating system. During this season, debris and dirt can build up quickly, which means you’ll need to change your air filters often. For ideal output from your system, we recommend you replace your HVAC filters monthly. When soothing, warm air is flowing freely through your home, while your energy bills remain low, you’ll be glad you did. Below are more details on why you need to replace your air filters during winter in California.

1. Increases the Lifespan of Your HVAC System

Furnaces are usually in high use during winter since the temperatures are generally low. Therefore, dirt will likely build up in your air filters faster during this season than it would have during the warmer months. Dirt can clog your air filter, making it hard for air to go through it. All this, in turn, can make your HVAC system overwork, causing severe damage. Changing your air filter can help you avoid this and increase the lifespan of your HVAC system.

2. Improves the Indoor Air Quality

Dirt, mold spores, dust, pet dander, and other allergens usually degrade indoor air quality. If no action is taken, such air can cause different allergy symptoms, including sneezing, eye irritation, and dizziness. That is why you need to ensure that your indoor air is of good quality. An HVAC air filter can help you achieve this. The air filter usually traps these allergens, removing them from the indoor air.

To ensure that your HVAC filter efficiently removes allergens from your indoor air, you should replace it often during the winter months. By doing this, it will help keep your indoor air clean. Your heating system will also run optimally.

However, you should ensure that you replace your furnace filter with a filter that has a high MERV rating. Honey's Air & Solar offers such filters. These filters usually trap particulates in the air, including tiny particles of dust and debris.

3. Lowers Your Energy Costs

When your air filter is clogged, your furnace will have to overwork to keep your indoor space comfortable. When this system is overworking, it will likely use a lot of energy. That, in turn, will drive up your energy costs. Replacing your air filters often during winter can help you avoid paying huge energy bills.

4. It Ensures Even Flow of Warm Air Throughout Your Home

When your air filter is dirty, warm air will not flow evenly throughout your home. The dust accumulated on this filter can even coat the inner side of your ducts, blocking them. Some of the spots in your home may be cold because of this. To ensure that warm air travels throughout your home, you should have HVAC professionals replace your filter often during cold winter months.

5. It Helps You Avoid Emergency HVAC Breakdowns

During cold winter months, you need to ensure that your HVAC system is working efficiently. Otherwise, you will have to put up with the cold weather. One of the ways through which you can ensure your HVAC system is effective is by replacing your air filters monthly, especially with heavy use. If you do not replace the filters, the dirt accumulated on them will stress some of the critical components of your HVAC system. The system’s heat exchanger may also crack, making the whole system shut down. The HVAC system may also overheat and shut down after some time. All these issues require immediate attention. Therefore, you should let our HVAC technicians repair your HVAC system if it is damaged.

During winter, you need to have your HVAC filters inspected and replaced monthly. By doing this, you will improve your indoor air quality and the lifespan of your HVAC system. Changing your air filters often during winter will also help you avoid emergency HVAC breakdowns and ensure an even flow of warm air throughout your home. Our HVAC technicians from Honey's Air & Solar can help you replace these filters. We serve the people living in Modesto and the surrounding areas. We have been in business since 1990, and our technicians are qualified, experienced, and knowledgeable. We offer different services, including heater, AC, and furnace repair, replacement, and maintenance services. You can also look to us for water heater installation. Contact us anytime.

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