To achieve lower energy bills this fall, there are some tips that you can take into consideration. These tips can help you to save money by making your heating system more efficient and keeping the warm air it produces within your home.

1. Replace Air Filters

Dirty air filters, not to mention dirty air ducts, can cause your heating system to work harder. You’ll also experience a drop in your indoor air quality. Replace pleated air filters every three to six months. Low-quality fiberglass filters must be replaced every 30 days.

2. Seal Cracks and Gaps

Drafts are the cause of a great deal of energy loss in homes, so seal up the cracks and gaps in your windows, doors, and other areas. You could use caulking, foam sealant, or even foam tape.

3. Add or Upgrade Insulation

Insulation prevents heat loss, too, so you might want an inspection done to see if current levels are adequate. You could add layers of insulation to your attic or wall cavities, or you could remove it in favor of insulation with a higher R-value. R-value denotes the level of resistance to heat flow.

4. Request Professional Tune-Ups

The heating system itself needs to be free of issues that could hinder its performance. An annual tune-up, such as what we offer at Honey's Air & Solar, can ensure this. Homeowners across Modesto, CA, trust us for these and other services. Maintenance can even cover things like air filter replacement.

5. Program the Thermostat

The thermostat should never be turned off when you’re away, rather, it should be set at a lower temperature. Even better, you could buy a smart thermostat, which comes up with a heating and cooling schedule based on when the home is occupied and when it’s not.

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