Utility costs are among the highest expense in Modesto households, and homeowners are always looking for ways to save money on energy use. At Honey's Air & Solar, we help people recognize areas of their homes that are contributing to high utility costs month after month. One of the most overlooked problems is the impact of windows on energy loss.

How Do Windows Contribute to Energy Loss?

During the winter, the heat from inside your home escapes through the windows to the outdoors. In the summer, the heat from the outdoor air comes into your home. In a typical Modesto home, heat exchange through windows contributes to approximately 25% to 30% of energy use because you have to use your HVAC system longer to stay comfortable. Heat exchange through windows may happen because of poor seals, damaged window frames, and old designs that are not energy efficient.

What Makes Windows Energy-Efficient?

Modern window designs include features that reduce energy consumption, such as multiple panes of glass. Some windows have a slightly tinted color to reflect sunlight and reduce heat exchange. Proper installation is also important to maximize energy savings. The windows should fit snugly in the opening, and the window should be sealed with caulking and weather stripping. Here are six ways that Modesto homeowners can take to make their windows more energy efficient.

1. Check for Air Leaks

Gaps and small openings around windows allow airflow that affects the temperature inside your home. One of the first measures that Honey's Air & Solar recommends for homeowners to seal their windows. First, remove any old caulk and weather stripping from around the window frame. Make sure that the surface is clean and smooth. Next, install new weather stripping and fill in the opening with high-quality caulk.

2. Use Heavy Curtains

Curtains and drapes not only add to the aesthetics of your home but also help reduce heat exchange. Make sure to choose curtains that are made of heavy, thick material or have more than one layer. The curtains act as barriers that prevent air from flowing into and out of your rooms.

3. Install New Glass

If you want to improve the quality of the glass in your windows to improve energy efficiency, we can help. You can replace the entire glass, install additional panes, and add a layer of film that reflects sunlight and heat. This is a good option for windows that are in good shape and sealed properly.

4. Update Window Frames

Because most energy loss happens in the window frames, Honey's Air & Solar can replace only the frames, leaving the actual windows in place. This is a good mid-range money-saving option for homeowners with limited budgets and good quality windows. Windows are rated based upon the energy-efficiency, with five being the highest rating.

5. Exterior Window Covers

Direct sunlight increases temperatures inside your home and may cause uneven temperatures. A thermostat works by sensing the temperature of the air around the device. If the thermostat is mounted in a room with significant direct sunlight, it will shut off before your entire home is at the desired temperature. In the winter, this means that much of your home is too cold. During the summer, your air conditioning system runs longer than necessary. You can manage the effects of direct sunlight on your energy use by installing awnings and other exterior window covers.

6. Install New Windows

To see the most energy savings, we recommend replacing the frames and windows. Honey's Air & Solar specializes in the installation of high energy-efficiency window designs, including glass finishes, frame colors, and window designs. Our windows not only help you save money on utility costs, but they also increase natural light, control sound, reflect solar heat, and much more. We understand that window replacement is a significant investment for your family, so we help you find solutions that fit your budget and maximize savings on energy use.

Learn More About Making Your Home More Energy Efficient

At Honey's Air & Solar, we work with Modesto homeowners like you to find ways to reduce their utility costs and make their homes more energy efficient. We keep your heating and cooling system running properly with our installation, maintenance, and repair services. The experts at Honey's Air & Solar can help you make the transition to solar energy to reduce reliance on expensive fuel sources, such as electricity, natural gas, and oil. We provide upfront estimates and a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Contact Honey's Air & Solar today to learn more!

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