Solar panels continue to grow in popularity among homeowners. At one time, fossil fuel energy sources were the only option available for powering homes. Now, solar power offers an alternative, cheaper means of energy. Homeowners may still have concerns about investing in solar panels and wonder how extreme weather could impact the panels on their roofs. Here are some answers to those concerns.

Cloudy Weather and Energy Production

When sunlight hits the solar panels, conversion to energy takes place. Electricity also ends up stored in batteries for later use. When the skies are cloudy, sunlight becomes limited. An effect on energy production is possible, but the solar panel manufacturers considered this. The panels should continue to reliably produce electricity even during cloudy weather.

Surviving Brutal Winds

During fierce storms, winds can pick up tremendous speed and do a lot of damage to roofs and structures. Are solar panels safe? Most high-quality solar panels can withstand wind speeds of well over 100 mph. At Honey's Air & Solar, we work with clients to deliver the best available panels for their homes.

Dealing With Debris

At times, wind can lead to damage even if it isn’t reaching high speeds. Things like leaves, twigs, and other debris might land on solar panels and get stuck. When obstructions block the panels, sunlight can’t get through effectively. The problem might not be too severe. After all, the sunlight won’t be completely blocked out. For the most part, this problem can be addressed with a thorough cleaning.

Inquire With Homeowner Insurance

Unfortunately, severe weather incidents do occur. Hurricanes and tornadoes can create havoc. Homes suffer tremendous damage as a result. Thankfully, a homeowner insurance policy may cover damage to solar panels. Contact your provider to determine your coverage.

Are you thinking about switching over to solar energy? At Honey's Air & Solar in Modesto, CA, we’re waiting to discuss all the options available to you. Call us today to learn more about our solar-related services. We also offer AC, heating, and indoor air quality solutions.

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