There’s no denying the fact that California summers can get extremely hot. Having a well-functioning air conditioning system can seem like a necessity to keep you and your family safe and comfortable through the worst heat of the season. To ensure that your cooling system is ready to take on the heat, there are some essential maintenance tasks that you’ll want to do.

Schedule Professional Service

One of the best things you can do to prepare your cooling system for the upcoming summer season is to schedule a professional maintenance service. A qualified HVAC technician will clean your system, test its components, and let you know of any potential problems that should be addressed. This will ensure your air conditioning system is working at its peak condition.

Be Mindful of Your Air Filter

Your HVAC system has an air filter to help remove indoor contaminants from your air. This not only works to enhance your indoor air quality but it also works to keep unwanted debris from accumulating on the internal components of your cooling system. You should be checking the state of your system’s air filter every couple of weeks. Be sure to stock up on replacement air filters so you always have one on hand when you need it.

Check Your Air Vents

All the rooms in your home will have air vents that are responsible for circulating air. You’ll want to ensure that all your air vents are in the open position and free from any obstructions. Items like furniture and plants can get pushed in front of these air vents and restrict their ability to properly cool down the room.

Clean Up Your Outside Unit

Your outdoor condenser unit plays a big role in the overall functioning of your air conditioning system. The indoor heat gets transferred to the condenser unit, where a fan disperses it into the outdoor air. When debris is pushed up against your outdoor unit, it can restrict the flow of air and your system’s ability to remove its heat. You should remove any debris against your condenser unit at the start of the season and continually check it every few weeks throughout the summertime.

Switch Your Ceiling Fan Direction

Ceiling fans are a necessary addition to any home cooling system to help save money on electricity. As we switch from the winter season to the summer season, it’s imperative that you turn the direction of your fans. They should now be spinning counterclockwise. This forces air down onto you and creates a wind chill effect that will make your body feel much cooler.

Program Your Thermostat

Before the hot summer weather hits, it’s the perfect time to program your thermostat. You’ll want to switch over from heating to cooling mode. Be sure to program in different temperature settings for the various times of the day. Ideally, you’ll want to set a higher temperature for times when you won’t be home to reduce your energy usage.

Seal Up New Air Leaks

As your home goes through the settling process, it’s likely that you’ll experience new air gaps in your exterior walls each year. These commonly occur near your doors and windows as well as your outlets and light switches. Take your hand and run it around these vulnerable areas to see if there’s any airflow. If so, you’ll want to seal up the new air leaks with weatherstripping, caulking, or foam inserts.

Test Run Your System

One of the most essential things to do in respect to your summertime HVAC maintenance is to test run your cooling system. You want to set the temperature to at least five degrees lower than what your thermostat is currently reading. When your air conditioning system kicks on, you’ll want to walk around to each room. Put your hand in front of all of your supply vents to ensure that fresh, cold air is coming out.

Expert AC Service

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