July 20, 2019

Do You Need a New Thermostat Installed?

Thermostats, like any other device, only have so much of shelf life. At some point, they stop working efficiently. An old thermostat could continue to operate without creating severe troubles with the heating or cooling system, but it still may need to be replaced. Inefficient thermostats aren’t reliable. Be alert for the following signs that you should get a new thermostat. The Thermostat Is Outdated Some homeowners live in their houses for decades. Many do not make all the necessary upgrades. Instead of a modern digital thermostat, homeowners may still be using a dial-faced model from the 1980s. Aged-out thermostats might not be up to the task of maintaining energy efficiency. They are also not always easy to read. If a thermostat is too old, think about requesting a replacement. can help with repair and maintenance work involving a new thermostat. Your Energy Bills Are High Many factors contribute to inefficiency, which, in turn, contributes to high energy bills. An outdated or poorly operating thermostat can undermine efficiency. Replacing the thermostat might cut down on those costs. Remember, in the dead of winter and the heart of the summer, energy bills will spike. Why spike them more? The Right Temperature...

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