January 20, 2020

How Much Energy Can Solar Panels Create?

Before you make the upfront investment required to install solar panels, you will understandably want to know how much power you will get from the system. This information will help you decide if the system makes sense for you and how many solar panels you need to purchase. Not only can you meet all of your electric needs, but you can have extra power left to sell. Solar Panels Can Meet Your Electric Needs One array of solar panels can produce up to 850 kWh of AC energy per month. To put that in perspective, the average household will use just under 900 kWh each month. Thus, a solar array can meet practically all of your power needs for your home. Of course, if you purchase additional panels, not only can only all of your needs be met, but you will have extra solar power. It Depends on the Type of Panel When you are choosing a solar panel, you have two different options. Monocrystalline panels will be the most efficient and produce the most energy; although, they will be more expensive. If you are looking to get the most possible electricity from each panel, you should opt for this...

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