May 11, 2020

How Does Indoor Air Quality Affect Our Health?

Much of your time is spent inside your home where you feel comfortable and relaxed. Your HVAC system plays an important role in creating an ideal environment to enjoy your family, friends, hobbies, and favorite activities. helps you achieve this goal by providing residents of Modesto and surrounding communities with heating, air conditioning, and solar solutions. One aspect of interior comfort that is often overlooked by homeowners is indoor air quality. Indoor Air Quality and Your Health Pollen, dust, pollutants, odors, chemicals, and other airborne irritants are not isolated to outdoor air. These same concerns inside your home and the effects such pollutants cause can be greater inside than outside. Your home is a closed space and does not have the benefit of wind and air currents to carry away airborne irritants. It is a closed system, and what is inside your home is circulated throughout the structure via your HVAC system. Health issues that are triggered by poor indoor air quality are allergies, respiratory issues, and asthma. If you have chronic lung conditions, such as bronchitis or COPD, the symptoms are worsened by poor indoor air quality. Signs That You May Have an Indoor Air Quality Issue Poor indoor...

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