September 25, 2019

Is Air Conditioning Healthy?

Suffering heat stroke is obviously not healthy. If air conditioning can prevent heat-related illness, then cooling the air is definitely a good thing. And having a heating or cooling system can improve air quality by providing a filtration system. But besides these two benefits, are there any adverse health effects that air conditioning can lead to? Dry Skin Spending long periods of time in air-conditioned environments may cause your skin to lose moisture. Unless you are spending a good amount of time outdoors or constantly using moisturizes, you are likely to suffer from dry skin. If your air conditioner needs servicing, we can help. Located in Modesto, can lend a hand when it comes to all cooling-related tasks. Our experienced technicians will service your equipment, 100% satisfaction guaranteed. Reduced Heat Tolerance It sounds silly, but getting used to spending most of your time in a cool, air-conditioned environment can eventually cause you to be more susceptible to the ill effects of heat exposure. Be sure to stay hydrated and be prepared when going from a cool, air-conditioned space into intense heat in order to avoid shock. Chronic Headaches and Fatigue Have you been shivering in your home or office during...

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