When you’re tired of paying sky-high cooling bills during the summertime or suffering in the heat just to keep your bills at a reasonable level, there’s another option. A whole-house Quiet Cool fan removes hot air from your home, and it uses less energy than your central air conditioning system. Here’s what you need to know about Quiet Cool fans and how they can enhance the comfort of your Modesto, CA, home.

What a Whole-House Quiet Cool Fan Is

A whole-house Quiet Cool fan is a product made by Quiet Cool Systems. This manufacturer offers several product lines for use in homes. The fans are professionally installed by our skilled technicians. We install them in the attic, where they use your attic’s existing fans to increase the airflow rate and ventilation in your home.

Types of Whole-House Quiet Cool Fans

The types of Quiet Cool fans include the Energy Saver, Classic, Trident Pro X and Stealth Pro X. The Stealth Pro X is for larger homes and features an electrically commutated motor, which is powerful and durable. The Trident Pro X offers a permanent split capacitor motor for longevity. The Energy Saver model has an ultra-energy-efficient commutated motor marketed as the world’s most efficient motor. The Classic model features sealed ball bearings in its permanent split capacitor motor.

How a Whole-House Quiet Cool Fan Works

The whole-house fan’s efficient motor pulls cool outdoor air into your home. It ventilates the hot air in your attic to the outdoors through the existing vents. A whole-house fan exchanges all of the air in your home within three to four minutes. This process is called thermal mass cooling. The entire thermal mass of heat is removed from your home. When used for several hours overnight, the fan keeps your home cool the next day, even during the peak heating hours.

Ways to Use a Whole-House Quiet Cool Fan

Quiet Cool Systems recommends using their whole-house fans overnight. During the nighttime hours, outdoor temperatures are significantly cooler than they are during the daytime. By running the whole-house fan for four to six hours overnight, the warm air that accumulated in your living areas and attic during the day will be removed. Your home will start the day at a lower temperature, and the attic will also have a reserve of cool air to help keep your home more comfortable during the day.

How the Quiet Cool Fan Works With Your Air Conditioning System

During the nighttime, you’ll turn off your air conditioning system and turn on the whole-house fan. The fan uses 50% to 90% less energy than the air conditioning system consumes. Before turning on the fan, the manufacturer recommends opening a window a few inches to make sure that the outdoor air is cool. Once you verify that the outdoor air is cooler than the air in your home, you’ll open a couple of windows a few inches. After the windows on each level of your home are open, you can turn on the fan. This flushes out the stale air and brings in fresh, cool air. Thanks to the efficiency and effectiveness of the Quiet Cool fan, your air conditioner won’t have to work as hard during the daytime. You may not even need to use your central air conditioning system on moderately warm days thanks to the cooling power of this whole-house fan.

Benefits of a Whole-House Quiet Cool Fan

Within minutes of turning on your whole-house Quiet Cool fan, your home will feel 5 to 10 degrees Fahrenheit cooler. Not only does the whole-house fan remove the heat from your home, but it also gets rid of odors, humidity, vapors, pet dander, smoke, dust and other particles. The fan completes a complete air exchange every three to four minutes. The fan uses 50% to 90% less energy to achieve the same temperature as your central air conditioning system would use. You’ll have lower utility bills and a more comfortable home.

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