Family enjoying heated home in Modesto, CA
December 14

Should You Use a Furnace or a Space Heater?

You might feel frustrated with your monthly energy bills and wonder if a space heater is a more cost-effective way to heat your Modesto home…. View Article Read More

Furnace Installation in Modesto, CA
November 16

Different Types of Furnaces: 80%, 90%, and Single Speeds

Understanding the Different Types of Gas Furnaces Gas furnaces are probably the most common heating source in the U.S. This is even true in places… View Article Read More

Home Equity in Modesto, CA
March 14

Does Installing a New HVAC System Help With Home Equity?

Many different factors contribute to your home equity. Usually, you can calculate home equity with a simple equation by dividing the home’s current mortgage balance… View Article Read More

Heating Repair Questions in Modesto, CA
January 3

Top Questions to Ask After Having a Heating Repair Service

Whenever your heating system decides to malfunction, getting it repaired as quickly as possible is likely your top priority. However, once your service technician has… View Article Read More

Air Filter Replacement in Modesto, CA
December 20

5 Reasons You Need to Replace Your Air Filters During the Winter?

Wet weather and plunging temperatures usually characterize the winter season, meaning you’ll need to use your heating system. During this season, debris and dirt can… View Article Read More

Safety Heater Tips in Modesto, CA
October 19

7 Space Heater Tips You Need to Know to Stay Safe

Colder temperatures are beginning to move into the Modesto area. Before you turn on your central heating system for the season, you may want to… View Article Read More

How Does a Furnace Work?
February 20

How Does a Furnace Work?

A furnace is a simple system with some complex and delicate components. It is important to understand the basic process before understanding the rest of… View Article Read More

The Biggest Reasons Your Heating Bill is Too High
December 10

The Biggest Reasons Your Heating Bill is Too High

Having an efficient heating system is important no matter what region of the country you live in. While residents of Modesto and other Central Valley… View Article Read More

Why Does My Heating System Keep Turning Off?
November 12

Why Does My Heating System Keep Turning Off?

One common problem we often hear about from our Modesto customers is that of a furnace running for a few minutes before turning off. This… View Article Read More

3 Tips When Hiring the Right HVAC Contractor
January 25

3 Tips When Hiring the Right HVAC Contractor

The weather is cold, and your HVAC system isn’t working. No homeowner wants to deal with disaster situations like this. Routine service cuts down on… View Article Read More