If water is dripping from your AC vents, Honey's Air & Solar is ready to help. There are various reasons that water can build up and drip out of your vents. Having an AC professional take a look at your system can get everything running properly.

Clogged Air Filters

If your air filters aren’t letting air through efficiently, the water will freeze on them. Once the air conditioner is turned off, the air filters will thaw and cause the water to drip out of the vents. This can be solved by installing new air filters.

Low Refrigerant Levels

If your air conditioner doesn’t have enough refrigerant in it, the air handler can freeze. Once again, when the AC unit is turned off, this water will thaw and start to drip everywhere. Annual maintenance for your air conditioner can ensure that the refrigerant levels are correct and ready to keep your unit running efficiently.

Poor Insulation

If the ductwork in your home isn’t properly insulated, water can condense on it and eventually start to drip. This happens when the cooled air lowers the temperature of the metal ducts that are in contact with warm air. The warm air will cause water to precipitate out onto the ducts. These leaks are dangerous because they can be invisible. They can cause damage to the interior of your walls and ruin your drywall. Having a professional add insulation to the ductwork in your home can get this problem resolved.

Leaking Air

If air is leaking out from around your vents, it can cause water to condense. To see if this is your problem, feel for air coming out from the edges of your vents.

Trusted AC Specialists

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