Modesto, CA Homes
January 20

How Net Metering Makes Rooftop Solar Worthwhile

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Home Equity in Modesto, CA
March 14

Does Installing a New HVAC System Help With Home Equity?

Many different factors contribute to your home equity. Usually, you can calculate home equity with a simple equation by dividing the home’s current mortgage balance… View Article Read More

AC Efficiency in Modesto, CA
August 18

Checking Your AC Efficiency

The heat in Modesto, CA, isn’t going away any time soon. So, ensuring your AC is at an optimal performance this summer is an integral… View Article Read More

Thermostat Settings in Modesto, CA
July 27

Understanding Different Thermostat Modes

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Cooling Solutions in Modesto, CA
June 6

How To Keep My Home Cool Without Air Conditioning?

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AC System in Modesto, California
May 6

What Are Air Conditioning BTU’s?

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The Dangers of Reusing AC Filters
August 7

The Dangers of Reusing AC Filters

The air filter inside an HVAC system performs an essential duty. No matter how clean the home may be, there will be impurities in the… View Article Read More

Should I Leave the AC on During the Day When I’m Out?
July 14

Should I Leave the AC on During the Day When I’m Out?

More air conditioning is generally a good thing here in sunny California. There’s nothing quite like having a comfy living room powered by a strong… View Article Read More

When Should I Turn my AC on in Order to Save Money?
April 15

When Should I Turn my AC on in Order to Save Money?

Have you ever wondered if you’d save energy by switching off your AC at strategic times of the day? Perhaps the rising cost of energy… View Article Read More

Is Air Conditioning Healthy?
September 25

Is Air Conditioning Healthy?

Suffering heat stroke is obviously not healthy. If air conditioning can prevent heat-related illness, then cooling the air is definitely a good thing. And having… View Article Read More