Air conditioners are among the common electrical appliances in the U.S., and homeowners depend on them to improve comfort, particularly during the hot summer. Ideally, there are different types of AC units, each with pros and cons. Below, we have discussed the most popular models in Modesto to help you make an informed decision during a purchase.

1. Central Air Conditioner

A central air conditioning unit, also known as a ducted system, is perfect for cooling large homes with several rooms. When a central air conditioning system is installed, technicians install ducts in your home. A split system, a component of central AC, uses these ducts to regulate air.

Central AC comprises two main units – outdoor and indoor. The outdoor unit has a compressor and a condenser, while the indoor unit has an air handler and evaporator coils. A central air conditioner also features a refrigerant that helps remove heat from the air indoors. It works by pulling the heat outdoors and pushing cool air indoors via the ducts. Ideally, you can equip your central air conditioning system with a smart thermostat for effortless operation and to save energy.

2. Window Air Conditioner

As its name suggests, a window air conditioner is designed to be set up in a window. Alternatively, you can install it by having a technician make a hole in the wall. These units come in different sizes and are usually suitable for cooling small areas or single rooms. Window ACs are single units with all their components enclosed inside. They have an outdoor side that ejects heat out of a room and an indoor side that blows cool air into a room. Window ACs also have a filter that you can slide out for proper cleaning so that you maintain their efficiency. Additionally, they are equipped with controls for easy operation, and some come with remote control for added convenience.

3. Ductless Mini-Split

Efficiency makes ductless mini-splits an excellent choice for contemporary homes in Modesto. They are the go-to for homeowners who do not prefer ducting or simply want a section of their homes cooled. The system features an outdoor unit comprising a condenser, compressor, and one or more indoor units.

These indoor units have air blowers designed to be mounted on a wall. A ductless mini-split also features a tubing system that connects outdoor and indoor units. Another feature of this AC system is a refrigerant that circulates through outdoor and indoor units. Indoor units are compact and small and easily installed by our HVAC technicians.

4. Portable Air Conditioner

Like a window air conditioning unit, a portable AC system has all its components enclosed inside. The only key difference is that a portable air conditioner features a free-standing design that allows you to move it from one room to another. That means a portable air conditioner can be the real deal if you want a temporary solution to keep your space cool and more comfortable. The unit is also suitable in situations where installing a ductless mini-split or a window AC unit would be impractical.

5. Smart Air Conditioner

Smart air conditioners are portable, window, or mini-split ACs that are IoT-enabled. IoT stands for “Internet of Things,” it is steadily growing in popularity in Modesto because of its energy-saving capabilities and unrivaled convenience. IoT offers Wi-Fi that smart air conditioners connect to. There is also a native app that allows you to control smart ACs through a smartphone.

Smart air conditioning systems have several functions depending on the model and manufacturer, such as weekly scheduling, comfy mode, geofencing, and temperature range control. Homeowners can utilize these features to achieve a high level of comfort without worrying about high energy bills.

6. Floor-Mounted Air Conditioner

If you prefer a mini-split AC unit but lack a wall space to install it, a floor-mounted air conditioning system is for you. It has an indoor unit that rests on the floor and an outdoor unit that a technician can quickly install without any ductwork or site preparation.

Because of the convenient placement, checking for air filters in this AC type is easy. That means a floor-mounted air conditioning system should be the go-to for people with respiratory complications or those who want their indoor air quality as clean as possible.

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