Your HVAC system creates a comfortable space throughout the year by keeping the temperature at desirable levels. To ensure your unit works as anticipated, you will need to optimize it for the season. HVAC system optimization increases efficiency, making you spend less on utility bills. Below are the best ways to enhance the performance of your unit for the new season.

1. Call a Technician for HVAC Inspection

A qualified technician does more than clean your HVAC; they also inspect and conduct tests to ensure the unit’s efficiency is uncompromised. Technicians at Honey's Air & Solar have the expertise and knowledge to spot issues with your AC even before they become obvious. Catching these issues early can help prevent costly repairs and inconveniences due to an improperly functioning system or even a complete breakdown.

Our technicians conduct extensive tests on AC units in Modesto, CA to ensure you are content with the results. These extensive tests include measuring cooling and heating cycle rates, power usage, and air intake. Our technicians can also estimate how much time your unit has left before it needs a replacement. These estimates are crucial because they help you plan and budget for a new HVAC system.

2. Clean Your Unit Regularly

You should not wait until the new season begins before you start cleaning your HVAC unit; cleaning it regularly can go a long way to increasing its efficiency and extending its lifespan. However, this might be easier said than done, given how busy most homeowners get. Therefore, you might want to contact us to help with regular cleaning. Hiring us for regular HVAC cleaning not only saves time but also can help prevent injuries due to poor handling of the unit.

Before cleaning any air conditioner, we ensure it is turned off to avoid electrocution and other injuries. After that, we check the ducts and clean them. We also take a good look at reusable filters and remove debris and dust particles that have built up over time. Other components we often check during regular cleaning are electrical terminals to remove grime and blower compartments to remove accumulated dirt. Because of our experience, we know where each HVAC component is located, leading to faster and more effective cleaning.

3. Calibrate the Settings on the Thermostat

Some thermostats require you to adjust them so they do not lead to overheating or overcooling. Therefore, when optimizing your HVAC, do not forget to check and calibrate the thermostat as needed. Fortunately, homeowners seem to be moving away from such thermostats and embracing modern ones that regulate the temperature automatically. These modern thermostats are highly recommended because they can save you a great deal of money annually.

Also, some thermostats have settings that delay the power of a unit when you turn it on. According to experts, turning your HVAC on and off rapidly can damage its components, making these thermostats with delay settings worth the money. Overall, ensure the temperature is calibrated to 78 degrees Fahrenheit, the ideal indoor temperature during the summer according to the U.S. Department of Energy. This temperature can keep you comfortable while still conserving energy.

4. Replace Air Filters

Air filters can play a key role in making your HVAC unit trap particles like dust and pollen before they start circulating in your home and causing various health concerns. Many people have allergies or sensitivities, meaning air filters that trap allergens, dust, dirt, and other particulate matter cannot be overlooked.

Air filters offer several health benefits; therefore, you should replace them as required to ensure they are functioning at optimum. Replacing your air filters can significantly improve the performance of your AC unit.

5. Remove Obstructions and Debris from Your HVAC System

Twigs, branches, and leaves on or near your HVAC unit can hinder efficiency by making cooling harder. Therefore, be keen to remove them to allow your unit to experience optimum airflow. Removing debris regularly also prevents them from finding their way into your AC unit and damaging the components.

Ideally, you should pay attention to the noise level of your unit when it is running. While it is okay for an HVAC system to make noise, especially a few minutes after turning on, you may want to contact us if the noise level remains high as the unit works to keep your home cool.

Get in Touch With Us for AC Repair, Installation, and Maintenance

HVAC optimization for the new season ranges from removing debris near the unit to getting in touch with experienced technicians for AC repair and maintenance. It has several benefits, including increasing efficiency and extending the unit’s lifespan.

At Honey's Air & Solar, we also offer other services such as heating repair, installation and maintenance, air purification and filtration, air duct replacement, solar installation and repair, generator services, and central air system services. Call Honey's Air & Solar today to help you optimize your HVAC system in Modesto, CA.

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