If you’re thinking about buying a new HVAC system, you have a lot of potential factors to consider. The decisions you make before installation will affect your upfront outlay as well as your seasonal fuel expenditures, not to mention the levels of comfort and indoor air quality you will enjoy. Consider asking the following four questions before you make a purchase.

1. What Is the Proper Size of HVAC Equipment for My Home?

‘Bigger is better’ and ‘less is more’ have no place in shopping for an HVAC system. You want to find a furnace, thermostat, and air conditioning that are just right for controlling the temperature throughout your home. The best plan of action is to have a competent HVAC technician conduct a load calculation to determine the size of equipment best suited for your house’s specifications.

2. How Will I Heat My Home?

Deciding on a fuel to use for your heating is a pivotal matter. Oil is a potent heat source but its combustion will produce pollutants. Electric furnaces convert electricity to heat efficiently without residue, but they can be expensive to run. Natural gas combines decent heating potential while being a cheaper alternative. A discussion with a reliable heating expert can clarify what is best for you.

3. What About Maintenance?

You may think that maintenance is something you should worry about at a later time. However, if you want to guarantee that your HVAC system will remain in working order, free from constant repairs for years to come, you should consider a maintenance service agreement right from the start.

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