Air leaks can lead to your home losing energy efficiency and having higher energy bills. Leaks often pop up around doors and windows, but they can also occur around air vents and electrical sockets. Air leaks can be subtle, so you may not realize you even have one until you do some detective work around your house. In Modesto, daytime heat can be grueling during the summer, and air leaks will allow that hot air to seep into your home. This impacts both your home’s comfort and utility bills.

Before you can fix an air leak, you first have to confirm that you have one, and then figure out where it’s coming from. Our experts at Honey's Air & Solar put together this handy list of three easy tests you can perform to check your home for air leaks:

1. The Candle Method

Candles are a simple and surprisingly effective way to find air leaks around your house. Before you get started, turn off your air conditioner, furnace and any fans you have running. The test itself is as simple as lighting a candle and making a tour of your home. Slowly (and carefully) move the candle near the area you suspect has an air leak. If the flame flickers or blows out, that’s a sign air is leaking in through that spot.

2. The De-Pressurization Method

De-pressurizing your home is a bit more advanced than the candle method but still easily doable. First, you’ll need a stick of incense. Before you light it, be sure to turn off your air conditioner, furnace and fans. Once you light the incense, pass it over window and doorframes that face the outside. If smoke is blown inward or sucked outward, you have an air leak.

3. The Air Leak Detector Method

Most hardware stores sell a device called a leak detector or thermal detector. It’s a small, hand-held piece of equipment that effectively detects even tiny leaks around your doors, windows, and ductwork. Simply hold it near the area you suspect is leaking. If the indicator light flashes, the device has detected a leak.

Modesto’s Heating and Cooling Experts

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